Sunday, March 28, 2010

Austin Finals


Austin didn't go exactly according to plan, we had a pretty good steer he went strait then a little to the right and he was maybe just a little to the stronger end, he jumped right out of the chute and fell. There is nothing you can do about that the barrier is short enough and you got to be going! I was a little bit early and I broke the barrier, I got it on him and I think my horse worked good, thought I scored good and made a good shot! Koory got a little to the inside and ended up roping a leg!

Well this is one of those deals like I felt I did every thing right, my horse worked good, the steer just fell across the line, and looking back there is not a whole lot I could do in that situation.
But.......go to the next one and see what happens........

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Clearing up Controversy

Well there seems to be a bit of controversy on how the website actually works, the service available and what is really coming soon to!

Well let me clear things up, first off this is a new venture and as things grow there will be the need for change, so some things may not be set in stone........With that said, I can say the video library will be set in stone and will not change, price is another subject, as I am growing the site, the cost of running it has grown too, so to make my business successful, the price for subscription is subject to increase to help defray overhead cost.

Now lets start with how the site works.
When you first visit the site I offer a sample of videos known as "public videos". These videos are viewable without a subscription and give you the chance to see if maybe a subscription would be beneficial to you.
Subscription levels right now are $25.00 a month or $150.00 yearly as stated earlier these rates are subject to change soon!
After you get a subscription you will have access to the large growing library of training videos 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
As far as customer video uploads, (used for me to view and help with your problem). Called "Voice Over"! This option is for an elite level I will be offering in the future. We have installed the video upload tab for future use, as for now it is NOT in use. Once the site is stocked full of videos and I have more time to devote to the voice overs I will enable this feature.
So a basic subscription will get you access to the GROWING video library. I have several topics listed in these categories

  • Dummies
  • Heading
  • Heeling
  • Horses
  • Personal
  • Practice
  • Preparation 
Each main category has a subcategories, for example in heeling;
  • Box
  • Corner
  • Dally
  • Delivery
  • Position 
  • Scoring
  • Target
 Now how about the services available.
  Well as explained above in how the site works, you now understand how the training videos work, to add to that as stated there will be an elite level to actually upload a video of you roping showing the problem you have. I will then review the video and give instruction just for you. As stated this will be offered for an elite level subscription. The elite level and price will be coming in the future.
As to date in March of 2010 your paid basic subscription will give you full access to the growing video library. I keep adding growing because I add videos to the collection often. Not only am I still adding past videos I am adding my most recent videos as well.

 What is really coming to soon?  
In this section I can really clear up a lot of confusion and give you a glimpse of my vision! Not only is the training library growing as stated, I plan to add a lot more related topics, such as the equipment I use, like the best bit choices and what I look for when I am purchasing a roping horse and a ton more topics. My vision for the library is to give any roper with any question an answer. I did not build this library first and open my doors for business, I decided to allow my ropers to join me as it grows! Classifieds
Okay you should understand the training video library now, so how about other things offered at the site? Well I wanted to allow people to send me videos of their roping horses for sale that I could include on the public video side, once again the response has been overwhelming, so change has been made. I have started working with my Webmaster to employ a classified section. These classifieds will run like many others, for an ad rate you can upload or embed a video and have several pictures of your horse, cattle or equipment for sale. I plan to offer a "Featured" rate, giving featured status home page exposure, blog exposure and youtube exposure. With an up to date ad editor, you can build a great looking ad. I will offer many categories, like barrel and ranch horses but the general theme is team roping. My vision for the classifieds is to give my customers both, sellers and buyers a great experience! With the great response and overwhelming traffic the site is already getting, both sellers and buyers should have a good advantage. The classified section will be available to members only, a membership to the site will allow you access to the classifieds, news sections and to the coming store. There is a difference to a membership and a subscription. Memberships are free and subscriptions have rates. A membership does NOT give you access to the video library! Store products are coming soon! The site will have a store that houses logo products, such as caps, t-shirts, patches and stickers for your trailer. My vision is to carry a line for the whole family! Eventually I will stock embroidered polo style shirts, screen printed hoodies, gloves and jackets. For now, coming real soon we will have the basics.

News and Articles

Another feature coming soon will be "Pushing the Barrier" article. I plan to add this to the website soon. The latest article and past archives are already on the blog for your convenience.

A sponsor page is coming soon!

In a nutshell has been a great success so far! My passion for the sport makes doing this easy! I love to do clinics and teach people the knowledge I have gained from my career, online video training lets me reach a larger audience. My vision is to run an informative, updated, interative team roping site, that really helps my ropers no matter what they need.....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Facing Your Horse

Facing your horse is a very important part of heading. At training site I offer a video on this topic and many others. In this video clip I explain the techniques I use to face my horse and how I teach my horse to face at home in the practice pen.

In the past I pulled a log a lot in a circle and came out of it at the right angle, but now I use the Hot Heels to make my horse face correctly. I like to do it slow and controlled so I can make the horse do what I want him to with out dragging a steer. In this video I show in slow motion exactly how I show my horse how to face without a steer, keeping his nose to the inside just a little, using my right foot and asking him to swing his butt around and keeping him moving so he is actually still pulling the cow as he swings around.

My objective is when I leave home for my horse to be able to face. One of the hardest things for a horse to do is face in a little arena. Teaching your horse to face AT HOME, so when you leave home you'll have a chance for it to work right.

In this video I also show a run where Kory slides some rope and my horse faced, kept moving and backing up until Kory got his dally so we didn't loose any time. It is very hard to win these days if your horse does not face good. Horses really have to score, run and cow. At our level a little bit of time can really affect you if you have to mess with your horse trying to get him to face. You can fix that in the practice pen so when you leave home you have a chance to finish the run.

These videos are made to help better your roping skills, I have used video to better my roping all through out my career. Video is a powerful training tool, they can be viewed over and over. To view this video and many more on other topics visit the training center. There are over 25 free videos and if you like what you see there are two subscription levels to gain access to the training library. The video library is always growing and there are lots of new stuff coming to the site soon. I plan offer a classified ad section to the public soon. Come join me at, I'd love to have you.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

George Strait 2010 Video

Here is a some of the video from my roping at the George Strait Roping March 2010. I had two 3.73 runs with two different steers. To see all my runs at the George Strait Roping visit my website

New Videos for Mid March 2010

I just uploaded my latest roping at the George Strait. Two videos up for viewing, George Strait Day 1 and George Strait Top 50. I roped with Clay O Brien Cooper, Kory Koontz and Rich Skelton, won a go-round with Clay. For video of my runs visit

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

George Strait Practice Intro

This video intro is just a snippet of my practice for the George Strait Roping coming up March 12th 2010. In this video I take my horses up a notch in their practice and ask for speed and contact, to see more of this video and other footage visit my website ~

Heading and Reaching

This video clip is a run Rich and I made in Lewiston, Idaho. It shows how a little reaching can be a good thing in a hard to rope in arena.
For more videos of past rodeo runs visit

Hot Heels Drills

This video clip shows how and why I like to use the hot heels and the drills that I use over and over. I like to make my head horse pay attention to the cow (hot heels)
and move him around and place him in my hand. For more drills like this and to see more videos on other topics visit my online video training center at

Roping Big Horns

This video clip shows me roping cattle with a big set of horns, I like to increase the difficulty in the practice pen to make my roping easier in competition. Roping cattle with larger horns will help you not split the horns. 
This video clip only offers a small sampling of my tips and techniques, for more team roping education go to my training center at

Practice With The Hot Heels

Practicing with Hot Heels machine. Why I like to use a controlled practice for me and my family.
For more videos go to

Gabe's First Try At The Hot Heels

Gabe Williams, my son's first attempt at the Hot Heels machine. 
For more videos visit my website at

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Time In The Practice Pen

A clip on how the Williams family spends their time in the practice pen!
For more videos

Hali Williams First Head Catch

Hali Wren Williams, my Daughter's first head catch on a live steer.
for more videos on starting children on cattle,
visit the website

Roping Muleys For Practice

Roping Muleys makes for harder practice, here is a video of why I do it and how it should be done..
For more videos go to

Intro to


In this video you will find information on the website