Thursday, July 26, 2012

Were is Speed Williams & Coleman Procotr This Week?

Well we are in week three of Speed's 40 day rodeo evaluation tour! This week they are headed to

Hill City, Kansas on Tuesday 
Philipsburg, & Dodge City, Kansas on Thursday 
Abilene on Friday 
Dalhart on Saturday 
Spicer Grip on Sunday

Last weeks rodeo runs are all up and Speed and Coleman have voiced over and broke down many of the runs! Check them out.....

Speed posted an update video for last week

Friday, July 20, 2012

What is Speed Williams Up To???

Speed Williams and Coleman Proctor on the road for 40 days, they already hit Colorado Springs Rodeo Casper Wyoming Rodeo Sheridan Wyoming Rodeo Odgen Utah Rodeo and video of their first and second steers are up for all but Odgen are up! Plus Speed and Coleman have voiced over some of their runs with great breakdown detail from both of them! This is an epic deal!!! Speed is evaluating his performance and horse power for a come back in 2013! He is going for #9 World Title! It's once in a life time chance to be this close to NFR Pro, follow him and see the work involved to earn a World Title! Coleman Proctor, worked hard on Speed to be his right hand man in the practice pen and out for 40 days rodeoing. He earned Speed's respect so far, but Speed has told Coleman if he needs to cut him when its time to find a permanent partner, he doesn't want hard feelings! Stay Tuned!!! There is lots more videos to come.....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Speed Williams & Coleman Proctor 2012 Colorado Springs Rodeo

Speed Williams is going for #9!! 2013 Gold Title! Speed and Coleman hit their first Rodeo in there 40 day evaluation in preparation for next year's journey! Watch there 1st and 2nd steer at Colorado Springs Rodeo and more coming this week! 7 11 2012 Colorado Springs 1st steer 7 11 2012 Colorado Springs 2nd steer