Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Speed is Having Another Confernece Call!

Don't miss out! 
Have Speed answer your roping questions one on one! He is even offering webcam! If you have one, turn it on and tune into Speed! 
This all happens Sept 13th at 8 PM CST. 
If you have had a question about roping you can't get answered, you need to give it to Speed! 
He'll give you the answer you are looking for! 

Speed Notes

Speed answers Sherry Rogers,

Sherry states, "My husband has a head horse, 11 yrs old, rodeoed on, seasoned. No matter where you haul him or in the practice pen he is reluctant to get in the corner sometimes. Kicks his butt out and does not want to set back up in the corner, he does not jam him in the corner. No other issues except not wanting to get in the corner sometimes."

Speed Notes

Speed Answers Chan Peters, Chan inquires about hand position when swinging and delivering the rope.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Speed Answers Dale Davis

Dale asks if Speed still ropes the lead steer / burrow

Speed Notes

Shawn asks, "What is the main reason for wave offs?" Speed addressed this in an earlier edition and talks a little more about it in this Speed Note.

Speed Answers Brian Anderson

Brian asks, "We rope a majority of muleys here in Hawaii. I notice that even when reaching, you avoid roping front legs. Is this a function of width changing the angle of the rope's tail?"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Speed answers Chris Miller

Chris asks,
"How do you mentally and physically prepare for a one head rodeo vs. an average roping?"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Speed answers Daphne Watson

Daphne asks,
"What would be a good way to finish my horse if i don't have the cattle?"

Speed answers Andy Thomas

Andy asks,
"When you practice, do you still have a watering trough upside down you walk back and forth on and rope the dummy?"

Speed answers Randy Carter

Randy states......
"It would be helpful if you video yourself from behind. Maybe someone could stand on top of the chute so we can see your loop angle and amount of right to left from behind."

Speed Answers Brad Martin

Brad asks..............
"Is it more common to try and scoop or trap on the first two legal hops on the corner, when trying to be fast?"

Speed Answers Mark Burt

Mark asked...............
All across the country I see people who show up to try and out perform one person or team. I would like to hear Speed address how to go out and give 100% on the steer you have and let the actions speak for themselves, instead of worrying about the other contestants.