Monday, September 22, 2014

6th Annual DFI Memorial Open/ PRO AM Roping Elk City OK.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gabriel Williams Caught His First Steer Ever on Gus Gus

Gabe Williams, Speed's Son earned his opportunity to rope his first live steer. Both Jennifer and Speed told Gabe when he could rope the Hot Heels and get a dally without looking at the horn, he could progress to live steers. Well Gabe worked hard and earned that opportunity....... He amazed his parents as he caught his first steer right out of the box.
This is History in the making..... Gabe shows signs of following in Speed's footsteps with the passion and drive his Father has had to earn him 8 consecutive World Titles. Both Kids, Hali too.... rope daily with their parents, speed's main concern is to keep them safe and interested! Speed has many videos up with his tips and insights he uses for his own children. There is lots of great things to take away from these awesome videos if you have #kidsteamroping Be sure to check them all out!